Dervock Reformed Presbyterian Church believes in the Kingship of Jesus Christ: there are many rulers, powers and people in this world, but Jesus rules over all. We believe that he has died and risen again from death, to provide us with salvation for our sins and everlasting life. Our goal is to follow his example of loving and serving each other and our community, and to worship His great name in our homes and in our church.

As Reformed Presbyterians, our congregation is one part of a bigger church family, scattered across Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Irish Republic and even further afield. You can read more about our denomination at


To reform is to change, grow and learn for the better. Our church follows in a long tradition of “reforming” churches, who in the 1500s and 1600s, “reformed” on issues like:

The Bible:
We believe the Bible to be the perfect Word of God, which He has given to us as our highest authority. No man or woman and no church court can claim higher authority than Scripture.

The Purpose of the Church:
Which is to give God alone the glory – not ourselves, not church leaders or office-bearers, not buildings or images. The Living God alone – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – is the God we worship and esteem most highly.

The Person and Work of Jesus Christ:
We believe Jesus was and is the Son of God; He is God from all eternity, who entered into human history and became a man. Unlike anyone before or since, He lived a perfect life, undeserving of death. His death and resurrection mean that he has defeated death, providing a way for men, women and children to be saved from their sins.

The Importance of Faith in Jesus Christ:
We believe that faith alone in Jesus Christ cleanses us from sin. We are not saved by doing better and trying harder; rather, having been saved by grace alone, we have the Holy Spirit within us, helping us to live in a way that pleases God.


This might seem like a strange word, but it simply means a church led by several men. Presbyterian churches like ours believe that only Jesus is the King and Head of the Church. He is the Chief Shepherd; but he has assigned “under-shepherds” to care for the church and govern the church. We usually refer to these leaders as elders or pastors.

We believe the Bible teaches that only wise, experienced, mature Christian men are to take on this task (see 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1). We believe that no elder/pastor has more authority than another.

In Dervock we currently have seven pastor/elders, who form what we call the Session. Our church is not independent; we have two higher courts in our denomination:

The Presbytery: Made up of all the RP churches in our wider area.

The Synod: Made up of all the RP churches on the island of Ireland.

This means that in our wider church, rather than “power” resting in the hands of fewer and fewer people, our higher courts are in fact broader courts:

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